Discover a secret woodland
From 19th to 20th April, search for nature's greatest secrets near you and celebrate The Wildlife Trusts' Woodland Wildlife Weekend! Be amazed by a walk through a wo...
The king of the rolling pin
As a youngster Paul Hollywood refused to follow in his father's footsteps and assume the baking mantle, but with a little persuasion he soon changed his mind, going on to become one of the nation's most treasured celebrity chefs. We caught...
Get nocturnal with nature
Gather your family and friends as from 16th to 22nd June the RSPB will be hosting their biggest summer event, the Big Wild Sleepout! Encouraging thousands of nature fans to spend a night or two under the stars, the Big Wild S...
Become a bumblebee walker!
A country walk on a summer day is pretty unbeatable. With the sweet scent of flowers and the gentle hum of the birds and the bees, it is the perfect time to be outdoors. But, this year the
The darling buds of May
In season for just a few short weeks, elderflowers are prized amongst foragers and chefs alike and now is the time to head to the hedgerows to harvest them
Pretty as a picture
The magnificent Suffolk coast and quaint surrounding towns were once the inspiration for two of England's greatest painters some 200 years ago. Today the county still holds the same rural appeal and beauty, appearing as if untouched by mod...
‘Ratty’ returns
The once familiar sight of the water vole is sadly in serious decline, but with a little conservation help this mild-mannered mammal is starting to populate our rivers once again Over 100 years ago the loveable water vole capt...
Build a water wheel
Encourage the children to have fun outside this summer with this challenging water wheel project Before heading to the stream, ask the children to collect a few hazelnut twigs. These will be used to make the water wheel holder...

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