Autumn gardening mistakes to avoid

Autumn gardening mistakes to avoid

Posted 10th November by Peter Byrne

Letting the leaves build up, forgetting to cut the lawn, and failing to protect the pots are among the most common garden mistakes Brits will make in the chilly months, according to shed specialists

Looking at the mistakes we're likely to make as the days get shorter and colder, it was found that forgetting to plant Spring bulbs, failing to net the pond and not giving the grass it's last cut before it became too wet were also listed, while other mistakes included failing to clear up leaves, not packing away or protecting garden furniture and forgetting to do the big winter garden clear out.

A spokesperson for said: "As soon as the good weather goes, people forget to look after their garden."

"Autumn is one of the most important times of the year for gardening – it’s the time to get the garden tidied up ready for the chilly months and to do all those little jobs to make sure plants and garden features remain in good condition."

"As it gets colder it’s too easy to put the jobs off – but it really is worth investing the time so when Spring finally puts in an appearance, you’re ready to enjoy your outside space."

Here are the top mistakes that are made and how you should avoid them

1 Forgetting to net the pond

If you're lucky enough to have a pond, be sure to cover it with a net - if you forget, you're likely to be fishing out soggy plants all winter.

2 Not doing a big clear and clean out

Just as you would spring clean your house, don't forget to autumn clean your garden - cut back on the plants and clear out the shed and greenhouse before storing everything for winter. This will also be an ideal time to pressure wash the patio or scrub down the decking. This prevents excessive dirt and grime build up occurring during the wet winter months.

3 Forgetting to cut the lawn

Remember that your lawn will need a cut before the cold and wet weather sets in. If you let the grass get too long, it will then become nearly impossible to cut over the winter months.

4 Not planting spring bulbs

If you like the sight of daffodils and tulips in the spring, remember to plant them.

5 Let leaves build up

Be sure to rake up the leaves so they don't build up. If you do, they turn to mulch and become slippery and dangerous.

6 Not protecting your pots

You should store both empty and in-use pots correctly during the winter months. Insulate these with either hay, cardboard or bubble wrap and make sure you raise any in-use pots off the ground to prevent them from ending up waterlogged during rainy weather.

7 Failing to protect certain plants

The first frost of the year can arrive without warning, killing your favourite foliage. If you have plants that you know will be susceptible to cold weather, try getting them in the greenhouse or in your conservatory.

8 Clear away garden items

Don't forget to pack away any garden items that could get damaged by the cold weather. If your furniture of barbecue doesn't fit, ensure it's covered up.

9 Forgetting the wildlife

Don't forget about wildlife that visits your garden. Make sure you leave out seeds for the birds and any suitable leftovers.

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