Experiment with cheese

Experiment with cheese

Posted 13th Jun 2016

The ultimate halloumi sandwich

Serves 1

1 tomato, quartered
20ml olive oil
2 tsp dried oregano
Pinch of sugar
20g Branston Pickle
2 slices of bread
2 button mushrooms, sliced
4 small slices halloumi
50g rocket
½ avocado, stoned, peeled and sliced
Ground black pepper

1. Pre-heat the oven to 170ºC/Gas Mark 3 and place the tomato pieces, spaced out, onto a flat baking tray. In a small pot, mix together half of both the oil and oregano, the sugar and 1 tsp of Branston Pickle, then coat the tomato with the mixture. Bake on the top shelf for 10 mins, and then turn the oven off, leaving the tomatoes inside.

2. Meanwhile, pre-heat the griddle pan or grill to hot. In a small dish, combine both the remaining oregano oil, and then brush both sides of bread with it. Griddle or grill the bread slices for 1 min, turning over halfway through, then set aside. Keep the griddle or grill on, turning down to a medium heat, then griddle or grill the mushrooms and halloumi slices, turning over after 1 min, then cooking for a further 1 min.

3. Place a piece of bread on a chopping board and layer with the rocket, avocado, halloumi, tomatoes, mushrooms and the remaining Branston Pickle, then sprinkle with pepper. Top with the other slice of bread and serve or pack up for a packed lunch or picnic.


Brie and beetroot ciabatta slices

Makes 8

8 thick slices of ciabatta bread
1 clove of garlic, halved
4 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
400g Haywards Sweet & Mild Sliced Beetroot, drained and cut into wedges
350g Brie, sliced
100g pitted black olives, roughly chopped
1 tbsp fresh flat leaf parsley, chopped (optional)
Black pepper

1. Pre-heat the grill and then lightly toast the ciabatta slices on one side. Rub the untoasted side with the cut side of the garlic clove, then discard the garlic and brush the sides with half the oil. Season with pepper.

2. Top the untoasted side with the baby beetroot wedges and slices of Brie and return to the grill for 2-3 mins, until the cheese bubbles.

3. Place on a serving board and sprinkle over the olives and parsley.


Easy goat’s cheese and caramelised onion tart

Serves 4-6

15g butter, plus a little extra for greasing
1 tbsp olive oil
20 Haywards Sweet Pickled Onions, sliced
3 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp fresh thyme leaves (optional), plus sprigs to garnish
320g sheet ready-made puff pastry
1 egg, beaten
200g soft goat’s cheese
Black pepper
Green salad, to serve

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC/180ºC Fan/Gas Mark 6. In a large frying pan, melt the butter on a medium heat and then add the oil. Let the mixture sizzle, then add the sliced pickled onions, stirring to coat. Sprinkle with sugar, mix again and add 50ml cold water. Simmer for 6-7 mins, until the sauce is thick and shiny. Mix through half the thyme leaves (if using) and season with pepper, then set aside.

2. Grease inside of a flat baking tray with about a teaspoon of butter, using a piece of the butter wrapper or kitchen paper to smooth it over the tray. Lay the pastry sheet upon it and lightly draw a thumb-width border around the sides of the pastry with a sharp knife (without cutting through the pastry). With a pastry brush or a teaspoon, dap the border with the beaten egg.

3. Spread the onion mixture within the border, then crumble the goat’s cheese over it and sprinkle with the remaining thyme leaves (if using). Season with black pepper and bake on the top shelf for 15-20 mins until the pastry is golden and the cheese slightly browned. Serve garnished with thyme sprigs, with salad.

Tip: Make four individual tarts by cutting the pastry sheet into four, drawing a smaller board and filling each with each amounts of the filling. Cook on two flat baking trays (two tarts per tray, so they are spaced out).


Mozzarella, strawberry and olive salad with balsamic glaze

Serves 2

100ml Sarson’s Balsamic Vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
1 piece of orange rind
200g soft mozzarella
225g strawberries, hulled and roughly chopped
250g baby plum tomatoes, halved
10 pitted black olives
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
6 basil leaves, ripped
Ground black pepper
Crusty bread, to serve

1. In a saucepan, combine the balsamic vinegar and sugar, and add the orange rind. Bring to the boil and then simmer until reduced to a third. This should take 8 mins. Place the pan in a cold water bath to cool, stirring occasionally.

2. Rip the mozzarella into pieces and place on a serving dish, then follow with the strawberries, tomatoes and black olives. Dress with the olive oil and zigzag the balsamic glaze over the plate, then garnish with basil and season. Serve with bread.


Recipes courtesy of Sarson’s Vinegar, Branston Pickle and Haywards Pickle

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