13 things you (probably) never knew about cats

13 things you (probably) never knew about cats

Posted 20th Sep 2017

Are you a cat lover? Then these 13 facts will test exactly what you know about your feline friends...

1. Sleeping the day away

Did you know...that a cat will generally spend around two thirds of its life sleeping? This means that by the time it reaches nine years old, it will have been awake for only three years. They'll most likely have a favourite napping spot around the house to snooze away the day.

2. It's all in the paw

Ever wondered whether your cat is left or right pawed? The gender of your cat will generally reveal this. As a general rule, a female cat will be right pawed, while a male cat will be left pawed.

3. Hear that?

Did you know...that a cat has significantly better hearing than a dog or a human? They can hear high-frequency sounds that are up to two octaves higher than a human.

4. Making it's mark

Do you know what it means when your cat rubs itself against you? It will do this for two reasons - not only is it their way of showing affection but also of marking out their territory.

cats the laws

5. Water aversion

If you own a cat you will probably be aware that they hate getting wet. This dislike of water is because their coat will not provide insulation when wet, while also becoming waterlogged, and subsequently, heavier.

6. Superior vision

Did you know...that a cat's eyesight is both better and worse than ours – yes, you read that right! It is better because cats can see in a much dimmer light than we can, and they also have a wider peripheral view. However, they don't see colour as well as we do. For instance, scientists believe that grass appears to be red to cats.

7. Jaw problems

Did you know...that a cat's jaw cannot move sideways? When this is coupled with their lack of teeth to grind, this means they cannot chew large chunks of food.

8. Having an earful

Did you know...that a cat has little tufts of hair in their ears? Known as 'ear furnishings', they keep out dirt and will also provide insulating.

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9. Flexible

Has your cat ever contorted into a shape that you could not even think of attempting? This is because a cat can have as many as 53 loosely fitting vertebrae - in comparison humans only have 34.

10. What links a cat's nose and a human's fingerprint?

Did you know...a cat's nose pad is similar to a our fingerprint, in that it is ridged with a unique pattern?

11. Extra organs

Did you know...that cats have an extra organ that allows them to taste the air, called the vomeronasal organ? Located at the back of their mouth, it allows them to pick up scents - they will often be doing this when they appear to be grimacing. 

12. Noisy neighbours

Is your cat a vocal star? They can make over 100 sounds. To put that into context, a dog can only make 10.

13. The inventor of the cat flap

And last but not least...an urban myth still does the rounds that says that Isaac Newton was the inventor of the pet door. He made two holes in his door, one for the cat and one for her kitten, not realising that the kitten would follow the mother. The actual myth is disputed by two of his biographers, yet one of his contemporaries reported the story too. Another version of the legend tells of one of his cats continually interrupting one of his experiments by opening the door, resulting in Newton cutting a hole in the door and covering it in cloth to give it freedom to roam.

Images courtesy of Pixabay

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