Make the most of oats

Make the most of oats

Posted 29th Jan 2016

We're a nation of porridge eaters and, in celebration of Breakfast Week (24th to 30th January), we find out more about oats and the different ways to include them in your breakfast

Different types of oats

Steel cut (pinhead) oats: These are whole oats that have been cut into two or three pieces by steel cutters to produce rough, coarse oatmeal.

Jumbo rolled oats: These are whole oats that have been softened with steam and then flattened between rollers to produce flakes.

Rolled oats: These are steel cut (pinhead) oats that have been softened with steam and then rolled to produce flakes. They are smaller than jumbo flakes, so cook quicker and make a OatYogurt finer, smoother porridge.

Oatmeal: This is made by using grooved rolls to break up the oats and produce different grades of oatmeal, from coarse, to medium or fine. Until rolled oats were introduced, porridge was traditionally made with oatmeal. It takes longer to cook and usually has a much thicker texture compared to rolled oats.

Oat flour: Finer than oatmeal, this is made by grinding and sieving oats. As with oatmeal, the flour can be coarse, medium or fine.

5 ways to eat oats for breakfast

Oats needn't be confined to porridge, there are many ways you can include them in your breakfast:

1. Granola: Due to its crunchy texture, granola is a popular oaty alternative to porridge. The oats can be combined with dried fruits, nuts and seeds for added nutrition.

2. Muffins: Toast and grind oats before adding them to a muffin mixture for a fuller flavour and smoother consistency.

3. Smoothies: Add a handful of oats to your smoothies or yoghurt. This will create a thicker and more filling consistency.

4. Bread: If you make your own bread, roll each loaf in oats before baking. The oats will become toasted and give the bread a distinct texture and aroma.

5. Pancakes: Make pancakes out of porridge for a healthier alternative to traditional batter.

TOmsFor more information about oats, visit

If you've been inspired to eat oats for breakfast, why not try this easy recipe for oat-topped baked tomatoes?

You will need:

2 large beef tomatoes, halved
2 teaspoons wholegrain mustard
2 tablespoons cream cheese
50g jumbo porridge oats
1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
2 wholemeal muffins, toasted

1. Pre-heat the oven to 200°C/180°C Fan/Gas Mark 6.

2. Place the tomatoes cut side up on a small baking tray and spread with mustard.

3. Spoon over the cream cheese and top with oats.

4. Drizzle with Worcestershire sauce and bake for 15 minutes.

5. Serve on toasted wholemeal muffins.

Tip: Try using cream cheese with garlic and herbs for an alternative flavour.

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