Gardening jobs for June

Gardening jobs for June

Posted 16th Jun 2017

Alec White of Primrose Hall Nursery gives some suggestions on Gardening jobs for June

What to do if you haven’t much time

1 Apply and renew mulches.

2 Water plants thoroughly through hot spells.

3 Hoe or hand-pull annual weeds.

4 Fill any gaps in borders with bedding or perennial plants.

5 Deadhead plants.

Other jobs...

Trees, Shrubs & Hedges

1 Watch out for greenfly and leaf-rolling on roses.

2 Prune mature deciduous shrubs that finish flowering.

3 Continue taking softwood cutting.

4 Keep on top of training climbing and rambling roses.

5 Propagate climbers by layering.


1 Remove old leaves and flower stems of hellebores.

2 Cut back oriental poppies – they’ll look terrible right now but new leaves will grow in a month or two. They’ll flower again next year.

3 Deadhead Euphorbia robbiae and E. characias.

4 Continue to stake tall-growing perennials.

5 Deadhead lupins and delphiniums.

6 Take cutting from pinks.

7 Cut down the foliage of bulbs that have been naturalised in grass.

8 Plant out cannas.

9 Lift and divide bulbs that have finished flowering.

10 Plant anemones to flower in autumn.

Containers and bedding

1 Plant out summer bedding plants.

2 Sow polyanthus and winter pansies.

3 Plant up a hanging basket.

4 Water and feed all plants regularly.

5 Plant up half-hardy annuals and tender perennials in containers outdoors.

Under cover

1 Damp down regularly.

2 Water and feed all plants regularly.

3 Shade the greenhouse.

4 Pot on all young plants and seedlings that are ready.

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