Pedigree reviews…how to fuel your dog for long walks

Pedigree reviews…how to fuel your dog for long walks

Posted 3rd Oct 2017

A leisurely stroll in the countryside is a great chance for both dog and owner to enjoy the fresh air and some quality time together

From woodland escapades, to walks along the coast and lakeside trails, the UK has a wealth of dog-friendly walks to explore with your canine companion.

But, before you head out to enjoy the delightful outdoors, it’s important to hydrate and fuel your dog with the right food.

To ensure that your four-legged friend remains energised throughout the journey, Pedigree reviews how to fuel your dog for long walks.

Planning for the walk with your dog

The pleasure of being in the outdoors is accentuated by having your dog with you; the shared experience, the company and the joint feeling of tiredness as you relax at the end of the day.

Bringing your dog with you on a walking trip should be a delight, so long as you are well prepared. Some planning measures to consider include:

Pick your location

Choosing the right spot for both you and your dog to take a stroll is all about the setting. Rather than just chancing upon the nearest field, take time to pick a location that’s appealing to both you and your dog.

With a wealth of dog-friendly walks across the UK you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or taking a stroll in the woods, remember to observe countryside rules when visiting these stretches of greenery with your dog.

Prepare your dog for the walk

Taking your dog for a long walk in an area of countryside or woodland will expose them to a number of new smells, sights and sounds. Their curiosity may lead them to stray off course.

It’s a good idea to practice some effective recall methods, which will prove handy if your dog decides to wander off.

Pack some treats

As you will be out for quite some time on your outdoor escapade, it’s important to pack a few essential items in your backpack. This should include a dog bowl, some fresh water and a packet of dog treats.

Fueling your dog with the right nutrients

Good nutrition will play a crucial role in providing dogs with the energy to use during exercise.

Dogs gain the widest range of benefits through a mixed diet of dry food, wet food, treats and dental care snacks.

While different breeds of dog have differing dietary needs, all dogs require complete and balanced food, that is designed to meet the nutritional requirements for the age and lifestyle of the dog.

Pedigree recommends that your dog's main meals consist of 50 per cent dry food and 50 per cent wet dog food, which will give your dog different health benefits, tastes and textures – making mealtimes more enjoyable.

Additionally, 10 per cent of a dog’s diet can consist of daily oral chews or treats – to help keep his teeth and gums healthy.

Your dog’s diet must provide all of the essential nutrients in the right amounts that he or she needs to stay fit and healthy. The groups of essential nutrients are:

 ·  Energy

 ·  Proteins and nutrients

 ·  Fats, including essential fatty acids

 ·  Vitamins and minerals

 ·  Water

The most important thing to remember is that your dog maintains a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Monitor that they are not over-doing themselves (eating and exercising), as dogs don’t always know when to slow down or stop eating.

With the right nutrition, you and your dog can enjoy a wonderful experience in the great outdoors.

If you have any concerns with your dog’s diet, visit Pedigree’s dog nutrition page and consult with your local vet.

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