Reducing your food wastage

Reducing your food wastage

Posted 5th January

As a nation, we annually throw away seven million tonnes of food and drink, costing the average UK household £470 a year

To help reduce this, AEG has compiled a list of top tips to help homeowners keep food fresher for longer.

1 Check your fridge temperature

Your fridge should be between 0-5 degrees - this is the optimum temperature for ensuring your food will last.

2 Don't overload

Cramming food into your fridge may appear to be a good idea, but you are in danger of preventing the cooling air from circulating and ensuring all of the items are at the right temperature and humidity.

3 Segment for success

The majority of fruits will give off natural gases as they ripen, meaning nearby produce will spoil faster. Instead, try storing bananas, apples and tomatoes by themselves, and put fruits and vegetables in different compartments.

4 Preparation is key

Sometimes it won't be possible to eat everything before it goes off. To get around this, prepare and cook the perishable items, then freeze them for use throughout the month.

5 Dare to freeze dairy

Don't be afraid to freeze dairy products. Items such as semi-skimmed and skimmed milk can be placed in the freezer, as can hard cheese. Try cutting them into smaller portions or grate some so it will be ready for use later.

6 Keep it watered

Try wrapping salad and herbs in a damp paper towel before storing it. This prevents them from drying out, ensuring they remain fresher for longer. You should also keep the stems of vegetables such as broccoli, celery and asparagus in water - this helps to keep them fresh and crisp.

7 Avoid cross contamination

Make sure you keep your raw meat, poultry and fish in its store wrapping or alternatively, in sealed containers. This will stop it from touching or dripping onto other foods and subsequently spoiling them.

8 In or out?

Some food will last longer outside of your fridge, including bread, bananas, pineapples, potatoes and onions.

9 Take a Shelfie

Before you shop, photograph the contents of your fridge or make a shopping list. Organisation will be key and can make sure you don't buy items you don't need.

10 Keep it whole

Don't slice any food until you're ready to eat it. Chopped up meat, fruit and vegetables will spoil quicker than whole items will.

Tips courtesy of AEG

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