Different plants to suit a winter garden

Different plants to suit a winter garden

Posted 30th Jan 2018

There will be a variety of plants to choose from that will give your garden some vibrancy. Here are some of the most common you can use in your winter garden:


Also known as Dogwood, cornus has beautiful branches. Not all of the Dogwood plants will add colour to your garden; however the few that do will add colour and 'life' to your garden.

A variety of Cornus can be planted in your winter garden - however, arguably the best to use is a red twig. It's a small shrub that produces dark and red stems this time of the year. You can plant the yellow coloured twig varieties as they come with captivating yellow stems.


Ilex has bright green leaves, bringing beauty to your garden. It's advisable to plant female and male shrubs in one place, helping them to produce more berries, adding exciting colour. The most famous Ilex plant varieties are Jersey Delight and Winter Gold, which has several yellow berries, while the Herset Delight produces red ones.


There's a beautiful and small place that produces flowers during winter, growing above the evergreen leaves. You can plant their flowers throughout the year as they grow in almost every climate. The most famous varieties will include:

- Cream flowers

- Pine Knot Strain Lenten with purple and lavender flowers

- Mardi Gras Bicolor Mix Lenten

- Winter's bliss Lenten

Camellia Japonica

The Camellia Japonica is a shrub which is filled with great dark leaves which maintain their colour throughout each season. A good thing about some of the species is their ability to blossom, even in winter, with the most popular shrub to grow being the Alba Pena.


Also known as Witch Hazel, this is famous because of how it blossoms, with its flowers able to grow on bare twigs in winter. This makes it an attractive plant, particularly if it's used in your winter hedge. Unlike other colourful winter plants, the Hamamelis has a pleasant scent which adds another impressive note to your winter garden. It's therefore advisable to plant it close to doorways.


The exotic winter plant is famous for its white plumes - it's an ornamental grass that's five feet tall and provides one of the most captivating sites during the cold winter months. Rising above the thick snow, it gives your garden the appeal it needs.

Other options

There are more than just the beautiful winter plants, as you can also use DIY landscaping tips. Cost-effective and secure, they would give your garden a lively feel during the cold months.

These include:

Creating a winter wonderland

You'll only need to use evergreen twigs and colourful sprigs to create a winter wonderland in your gardening containers. Begin by putting two-thirds of the sand in the tank - this is significant as it provides enough support for the plant. It's also worth taking a walk in your garden and collecting any dry stems and branches. This can be used to decorate your garden to provide a pleasant appearance. Lastly, cut the stems and sink them into the sand - no watering will be needed!

Use evergreen branches

These branches or colourful twigs change and empty a window box into a pretty winter scene. Visit your local landscape offices or experts to get the best evergreen branches, and you can find a vast variety of twigs here during winter.

Install a bird feeder

Even as the sharp winter winds blow, and temperatures reach freezing points, the birds will keep singing. They give your garden a lively feel during what can be a dull time, so why not make life easier for them? Put a bird feeder up and stock it with sunflower seeds - through this, you'll keep the birds signing happy tunes throughout the winter months.

Using colourful twigs

Redtwig dogwood is a unique winter landscaping plant to use. Keep it looking its best by pruning almost one-third of the canes each year. Cut off the old canes and keep the younger ones for their intense colouration.

Tips courtesy of Garden Benches

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