Top 10 food and drink reads

Top 10 food and drink reads

Posted 2nd Sep 2015

Full of sumptuous recipes you'll want to eat and drink straight from the page, these 10 brilliant books are a must-have for anyone with an enthusiasm for cooking


With over 20 original recipes, Cakeology is an impressive showcase of beautiful cakes for every occasion. Juliet Sear, Queen of the Cakewalk, draws on her wealth of experience at the heart of the cake-making industry. The only limit for the art of cake decoration is the imagination. Juliet's designs are innovative, vivid and stylish. The elegant vintage floral patchwork cake is ideal for English country-style weddings and the stylish vase and flowers cake is flower arranging with a twist – a vase made of cake! The painted and printed birds cake is also special as it is hand painted with beautiful English garden birds. With all the right tools and ingredients, any cake is possible.

Cakeology: Over 20 sensational step-by-step cake decorating projects by Juliet Sear, published by Hardie Grant Books, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £20.00.


Magic Cakes

Impress your family and friends with over 30 recipes from Magic Cakes. With three delicious layers, there is a cake for every occasion. From classic crowd pleasers, such as vanilla cake and intense chocolate Easter cake, to delicious fruity alternatives, such as the luxurious pistachio and morello cherry cake or the vibrant orange and cinnamon cake. This cookbook is rich with colour, seen in magic red velvet cake, and flowery tastes, such as the lemon and poppy seed cake or the simple rose and blueberry cupcakes. There are only five golden rules to follow to make these gorgeous cakes a reality.

Magic Cakes: Three cakes in one! By Christelle Huet-Gomez, published by Hardie Grant Books, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £9.99 (hardback).



Delicious, dark and dangerous, Bitter is a cookbook with a bite. Award-winning chef and writer Jennifer McLagan claims, 'living a little dangerously is fun'. Bitter aims to challenge how we cook, the ingredients we use and our outlook on cooking forever. Diana Henry writing on food trends for The Daily Telegraph noted Bitter was a 'fabulous new book on the subject'. The innovative cookbook has cultured, eloquent and sophisticated recipes featuring bitter ingredients from citrus zests to dandelions and dark chocolate to tobacco. This eye-opening cookbook features memorable tasting recipes from succulent lamb with dark chocolate pepper sauce to striking caramelised oranges. Rich and intense, Bitter promises to create fascinating flavours beyond conventional cooking.

Bitter: A Taste of the World's Most Dangerous Flavour with recipes by Jennifer McLagan, published by Jacqui Small Publishing, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £25.00.


Artisan Drinks

Fresh and fun, Artisan Drinks confidently celebrates the art of making your own drinks as Lindy Wildsmith sources seasonal and local ingredients. It features flowery recipes for alcoholic free 'family fizz' from fennel flower 'prosecco' to elderflower 'champagne'. Artisan Drinks also offers 'something stronger' to experiment with. Delectable peach and vanilla vodka and fruity strawberry rum cordial is on the menu. These delicious drink recipes are accompanied with dazzling illustrations from award-winning photographer Kevin Summers.

Artisan Drinks: Delicious alcoholic and soft drinks to make at home by Lindy Wildsmith, published by Jacqui Small Publishing, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £25.00.


Ruby Violet's Ice Cream Dreams

Inspired by her Grandmother's indulgence for ice cream, Julie Fisher's stylish Ruby Violet's Ice Cream Dreams shares her love for homemade ice cream and sorbet recipes. There will be no shortage of volunteers to taste these enticing homemade ice creams. From elderflower and prosecco sorbet to ice cream blocks coated in chocolate, this book has a lot of exciting recipes to offer. Julie includes beautiful decorations and toppings to accompany her mouth-watering recipes, from crystallised rose petals to chocolate teaspoons and pretty flower moulds to blackcurrant ripple sauce. Also featuring an innovative ice bowl design to really show off your homemade treats.

Ruby Violet's Ice Cream Dreams: Ice Cream, Sorbets, Bombes and More by Julie Fisher, published by Hardie Grant Books, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £9.99.


How to Make Ice Cream

A simple step-by-step guide on how to make homemade ice cream. With 51 recipes for classic and contemporary flavours, this books shows you how to get the best results. From classic vanilla to vibrant peaches and cream, there is a flavour for everyone. One of its best features is the section on flavours for festive occasions that infuse just the right amount of holiday spirit including eggnog, gingerbread cookie and peppermint mocha.

How to Make Ice Cream: A Storey Basic Title by Nicole Weston, published by Storey publishing, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £5.99.



Vegan Frozen Treats

Vegan Frozen Treats is an easy to follow guide for making delicious vegan ice creams using soy, almond or coconut milk. Highlights of Vegan Frozen Treats include innovative flavour recipes, such as chai tea, mocha almond fudge and peanut butter and banana. You will love the fresh and fruity popsicle recipes from avocado and lime to blueberry balsamic pops. This charming little book has 50 recipes to keep you busy.

Vegan Frozen Treats: A Storey Basic Title by Nicole Weston, published by Storey publishing, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £5.99.




Just for One or Two

This delectable cookbook tackles the assumption that cooking delicious meals for one or two people is too much effort! With most recipes catering for four or more people, this book shows you how to cook equally delicious meals for just one or two people with little effort or preparation. Just for One or Two includes three sections: Everyday Eating, Eat and Freeze, and Eat out, In! Favourite recipes include pan-fried sea bass and scallops, four veg and ricotta cannelloni and stir-fried pork with egg-fried rice. Recipes serving just one person include Italian meatballs and Parmesan plaice. While cooking for just two, there are exciting recipes such as Romano peppers stuffed with fruity couscous and goat's cheese and mushroom pizza. Importantly, Dairy Diary doesn't forget dessert with enticing recipes for roasted strawberries with lemon Ripple and lemon posset among many other sweet treats.

Just for One or Two: 80 delicious recipes by Dairy Cookbook, published by Dairy Diary, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £8.25.


Gaia's Feasts

Julia Ponsonby's Gaia's Feasts builds on her first vegetarian cookbook, Gaia's Kitchen, which was awarded the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for 'Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the World' in 2011. With bright and vibrant colourful photographs, Gaia's Feasts is a very attractive cookbook. Gaia's Feasts features delicious soups to start, a variety of main courses, colourful salads, mouth-watering desserts and freshly baked bread recipes to experiment with. It is an absolute must-have for people who are enthusiastic about irresistible vegetarian dishes.

Gaia's Feasts: New vegetarian recipes for family and community by Julia Ponsonby, published by Green books, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £19.99.


Cook Fresh Year-Round from Fine Cooking

Brought to you by the best-selling Cook Fresh brand, Cook Fresh Year-Round features a miniature cookbook for every season complete with sips, starters, soups, mains, sides and desserts. Simple instructions and tips to aid your cooking, Cook Fresh Year-Round is the ideal guide for beginners, filled with 200 recipes. The small slip case is a neat way to store the miniature cookbooks that also make perfect gifts.

Cook Fresh Year-Round by the editors and contributors of Fine Cooking, published by Taunton, is available to buy from, RRP £14.99.


By Lily Waddell



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