RSPB Spotlight: Puffins

RSPB Spotlight: Puffins

Most people know that the puffin is a great British seabird, but did you know that they belong to a family of 22 species of seabirds known as auks? Or that a rare genetic mutation means that on the odd occasion you will see a white puffin? Well, the RSPB Spotlight: Puffins book will open your eyes to this national treasure and then some.

From 'Meeting the Puffins' and 'From Egg to Puffling' to 'Threats to Puffindom' and 'Puffin Fun' you will learn a multitude of facts to help brush up on your knowledge, or introduce you to the species. With the current UK population at about half a million pairs, this in-depth break down of our orange beaked friends by author Euan Dunn helps you discover their eating habits, how best to conserve them and how they breed.

As part of a new series by the RSPB designed to introduce readers to our animals, RSPB Spotlight: Puffins is a colourful, enjoyable and knowledgeable book that will bring you up-to-date with this well-loved bird and is a great read for all the family.

RSPB Spotlight: Puffins by Euan Dunn, published by Bloomsbury, is available to buy from, RRP £9.99.

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