Seeds by Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy is a beautiful depiction of the natural history of seeds, a complex, yet vital part of evolution, each one giving life to the next stage in it's species advancement.

With a detailed contents page helping you to find answers quickly, Rob and Wolfgang take you on an in-depth journey through the life of the seed. Learn about how seeds evolved, why the sexual organs of seed plants have two names, how seeds are dispersed using water and animals, while finding out about berries, balloon fruits, true nuts and why some seeds have fleshy coats.

Stunning imagery of seeds in a rare, close up form, means Seeds gives you a new outlook on the workings of seeds. On almost every page you are met with a diagram or image to accompany informative text that appeals to plant and science fanatics everywhere.

Seeds by Rob Kesseler and Wolfgang Stuppy, pubished by Papadakis, is available to buy in all good book stores, RRP £20.

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