In Praise of Bees

In Praise of Bees

In Praise of Bees by Elizabeth Birchall offers a history into the world of bees, uncovering poetry and using historical imagery and diagrams to bring the life of the bee into the forefront.

From 'Christian Bees' to 'Moral and Sagacious Bees', to 'Awesome Swarms' and 'Honey' each chapter opens the doors to a different trait of the bee. In 'Honey' you find out how a colony flies the equivalent of three times around the world to fill one honey jar, and that cakes made using honey are rarely found, though the basic recipe is easy to follow. In 'The Bees' Own City' find out about the different bees within a hive, from the queen to the division of labour between the different worker bees, including drones and foragers.

With nearly 250 pages written about the incredible bee, In Praise of Bees invites you to understand bees, a species which has a declining population despite its necessity in the ecosystem. Find out everything you need to know and more with In Praise of Bees, perfect to help you brush up on your bee knowledge.

In Praise of Bees by Elizabeth Birchall, published by Quiller Publishing, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £30.

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