The Crafter's Year

The Crafter's Year

Offering 80 fun projects for you to discover your creative side, The Crafter’s Year gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make your own craft masterpieces, from soap to crocheted flowers, terrariums to a teacup bird station. Work your way through the seasons and find your favourite projects to keep you entertained. Why not try your hand at this needle-felted sheep project, and create an adorable felted friend for yourself?

How to make a needle-felted sheep

Visual references (optional)
35g cream-coloured fleece
Foam block
Single-needle felting tool
Darning needle
Dark brown two-ply wool yarn

1. Make two ear shapes from 5g carded fleece. Create a rough triangle and, with the fleece over a block of dense foam, work the felting needle along the centre to anchor the fibres, then roll the edges inwards and stab along each side. Leave unworked fibres at the base of both ears. Make four legs from 12g carded fleece. Roll each piece of fleece into a rough tube shape, then stab the fibres all round, turning the legs as you work. Leave unworked fibres at the top of each leg.


2. Now make a head with 5g carded fleece, leaving unworked fibres to attach the head to the body. Shape the nose and under the chin carefully. Attach the ears to the head by pinching them down the middle lengthways and laying the unworked fibres on either side of the head. Stab the felting needle through these fibres.


3. For the body, divide 12g fleece into three and card each bundle. Lay out one bundle then place the unworked fibres of one front leg and one back leg on top of it, leaving the shaped ends protruding below the body. Place the next bundle on top, then the remaining front and back legs on top. Finally, place the last bundle over the top, to make five layers ready to be worked as a whole.


4. Lightly stab the fibres over the whole body and through all five layers, slowly compressing them to incorporate the legs and part-felt the body.




5. To attach the head, push the part-felted body into the splayed-out unworked fibres of the head, and stab the fibres so that they hold together. Continue to stab the fibres, gradually compressing them to create the body of the sheep.



6. Stitch features onto the sheep’s face using one long piece of dark brown wool yarn. Start by threading it up through the chin. To finish, take the yarn back into the body and snip off close to the body to hide the end.



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