Let Your Kids Go Wild Outside

Let Your Kids Go Wild Outside

Help your children discover the outdoors with Fiona Bird’s latest book, Let Your Kids Go Wild Outside. From delving into meadows, scouring hedgerows, visiting the seashore or wading through the wetlands, this book allows your little ones to make, create and discover the nature all around them.
This step-by-step to building a bird feeder will have you utilise old toilet rolls, help your feathered friends find much needed food in spring and get your kids thinking about the wildlife in their garden.

Make a bird-feeding roll

2-3 handfuls of wild autumn berries and fruits (e.g. haws, hips, rowan berries, sloes and elderberries)
Large handful of wild seeds and nuts
Small tray
Empty cardboard tube (such as a kitchen or toilet roll tube)
2 thin, straight twigs, about 15cm in length and no more than 1cm thick
4 pieces of string, each 50cm in length
Able knife
Jar of smooth peanut butter or coconut oil

1. Put the berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds on a small tray.

2. Use the scissors to make two tiny snips opposite each other at each end of the cardboard tube (about 3/4 in/2cm from the ends). That makes four snips in total.

3. Gently push a twig through the opposite holes so that there is an equal amount of twig poking out each side of the tube.

4. Tie a length of string to the end of each twig and then tie the opposite strings together to make two
hanging loops.

5. Use the knife to spread a thin layer of peanut butter over the tube and then carefully roll this in the berries, fruits, nuts, and seeds. You may need to use your finger to gently push larger seeds and berries into the peanut butter. Make sure the string doesn’t get stuck to the tube.

6. Hang the roll from a branch or bird table near a window. Then watch the birds snacking on the wild food you’ve provided. You could also stick some clumps of light seeds (e.g. dock or sorrel) to the tube, but make sure they aren’t too heavy or they will fall off.

Let Your Kids Go Wild Outside by Fiona Bird, Published by CICO Books, is available to buy from all good book shops and from www.cicobooks.co.uk, RRP £12.99. 


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