Flying the Nest

Flying the Nest

Featuring her endearing illustrations, Hannah Dale’s new book, Flying the Nest, is full of lively interpretations of some of Britain’s best-loved wildlife which jump from the page as you find out about their intriguing characters and their early life. This captivating Jersey cow is one of our favourite illustrations, catching our eye with the stunning detailing of the calf’s face.

Jersey Cow
Jerseys are amongst the oldest breeds of dairy cows in the world, and despite the name, their exact origin remains unclear. They are a small variety of cattle but what they lack in size, they more than make up for in their delicious, creamy milk, which contains more protein, calcium and butterfat compared to ‘average’ milk. Jersey cows are also famous for their beautiful faces, and their calves, predictably, are beautiful too, with large brown eyes framed by long lashes. With their inquisitive character and docile nature, this makes them a well-loved and popular
dairy breed.

Flying the Nest by Hannah Dale, Published by National Trust Books, is available to buy from all good book shops, RRP £9.99.


LandLove readers can purchase Flying the Nest for the special price of £7, including free UK p&p. To redeem simply call 01413 063 296, quoting ‘CH1961’. Expires 31st May 2016.

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