The Bee Book

The Bee Book

Gain insight into the world of the humble bee, as The Bee Book by DK explores their evolution, where their sweet honey comes from and how we can help to stop the decline of their numbers.

Distinctive in colour, these pollinators play a vital role in the ecosystem, and with several different types of bees buzzing around our gardens and flowers, knowing their roles and how they benefit you could see your garden thriving with activity. The Bee Book offers ways in which you can make that a reality, from building several different bee homes using wood blocks, clay or large garden pallets to knowing which flowers to plant in your garden to ensure a bee-friendly garden. Learn the difference between solitary bees, mason bees and bumblebees, and how you can keep a beehive in your own back garden. The book also helps you understand the anatomy of a hive, the tools and equipment you'll need, and what to do once your hive is bursting with bees, plus you can learn how to make lovely creations with your harvested beeswax including candles, soaps, body scrubs, lotions, and bubble bath.

Become an expert on bees with The Bee Book and go from an enthusiast to a beekeeper in no time, with colourful illustrations, detailed photographs, and step-by-step instructions to help you along the way.

The Bee Book published by DK is available to buy from all good book shops and, RRP £16.99.

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