The Children's Garden: Loads of Things to Make & Grow

The Children's Garden: Loads of Things to Make & Grow

Gardens are a place of discovery and adventure and The Children’s Garden opens the doors to the creativity they offer with 52 exciting family projects to make the most of your outdoor space. However, not just for the family, the garden is a lovely retreat for four-legged friends and here are some quick tips for ensuring your garden is a great habitat for pets:

Pets in the garden

Children learn about how to look after other living things by having a pet. What’s more, pets bring a family together – but which is best for a garden?

Getting started A garden is a more natural environment for many pets than keeping them cooped up in the house. Get your children to help pet-proof your garden – or to make it pet-ready for a new arrival. Pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs can be fed grass from the garden and other veg leftovers that would otherwise go on the compost heap. Deter rats and foxes from your outdoor pets by not leaving their food out overnight and erectingsecure barriers around pets such as tortoises, chickens and rabbits. Larger pets such as dogs can live in harmony with your plot if they are trained to obey. For a dog, you need to research any mulch you might use on the garden – cocoa shells can be toxic to them and gravel can hurt their paws. Use barriers or logs to close off precious areas in which you don’t want the animal to go. Develop a ‘running track’ or pet exercise area with a tunnel, jump and chicane. Plant softer plants near edges so dogs don’t hurt themselves on thorns or tough branches.

Planning for pets

1. Research which breeds are suitable for families. Obtain well socialised, young animals from reputable sources.

2. Provide for their needs in terms of environment, diet and social groups. They will need clean and secure housing and protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease.

3. Follow preventive health measures as advised by your vet: vaccinations, as well as flea prevention and worm control.


The Children's Garden: Loads of Things to Make and Grow By Matthew Appleby, is published by Frances Lincoln and is available to buy from all good book shops and, RRP £14.99.


LandLove readers can purchase The Children’s Garden for the special price of £12.99 including p&p to UK mainland. To redeem, call 01903 828 503, quoting  ‘QPG421’. Offer expires 30th June 2016.

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