Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids

Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids

Big adventures for little hands

Do you have a little explorer under your roof, itching to explore the local woodlands, walk the trails, and uncover the secrets of parks and further afield? Then Justin Miles, real-life explorer, has the tips and tricks to prepare them for the great outdoors in his latest book, Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids. Accompanied by a small built-in compass, the guide helps children to read maps, create their own from scratch, read symbols, navigate without a compass and find out about orienteering and other useful skills that any young adventurer would benefit from.

From the first chapter you’re introduced to the different types of maps from road maps to topological, physical and satellite maps, important symbols for need-to-know locations such as hospitals, train stations and schools, as well as rivers and parks and how to plan their very own map reading expedition.

With an emphasis on staying safe, Justin offers insight into what to wear, what food and drink to bring and what to pack to ensure a great trip.

With the help of the Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids, children will know how to use the sun and stars as a compass, discover what scale is and how to read grid references. They will also learn how to map the sea floor in this engaging book designed for mini adventurers.

Ultimate Mapping Guide for Kids by Justin Miles, published by QED, www.quartoknows.com, RRP £7.99.

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