Learning a traditional craft needn’t be a challenge, Leathercraft by GMC offers step-by-step projects to help you take up a new hobby and create eye-catching yet practical leather wares with ease. We love this soft leather coin purse that you can customise with your own colourful lining to make it your own.

Belt purse

Make a traditional soft leather coin purse, with a handy belt loop. If you can only find small scraps of leather, patch them together to make the finished size.

15 x 25cm soft leather
10cm metal zip
13 x 24cm printed cotton fabric, for lining
thread to match the leather
leather sewing machine needle
sewing machine
zipper foot
tissue paper
rotary cutter (or scalpel)
cutting mat



Below are steps 1 to 3.


1 Trim the leather to a rectangle measuring 13 x 25cm using the rotary cutter or scalpel. From the scraps, cut a rectangle 2 x 8cm. Cut the lining fabric to 13 x 24cm.

2 Place one short end of the leather right side up on a strip of tissue paper. Position the zip upside down centrally along the short edge and sew by machine using a zipper foot.

TIP: Using tissue paper stops the leather sticking to your sewing machine.

3 Tear the tissue away and fold the other short end of the leather around to line up with the other side of the zip. With the wrong side out, stitch the zip to the leather, again backing it with tissue to help it move smoothly through the machine. You now have a tube of leather joined by a zip.


Below are steps 4 to 6.

4 With the leather ‘tube’ inside out and the zip open, position the lining rectangle right side down over the zip and leather so that the two short edges align. Stitch in place by machine through all layers. Take the other short edge of the lining rectangle and align it with the other side of the zip and stitch by machine.

5 Now pin the folded long edges of the lining fabric, right sides facing, and sew one side from zip end to folded end by machine. Do the same with the other side, but just half way down from the zip to the fold – this will leave you a gap for turning out. You will end up with what looks like two separate tubes. Take the small leather rectangle and stitch a couple of millimetres in from either long edge to help it hold its shape. Stitch the full length of the two sides of the leather, from the zip to the fold, inserting the folded leather rectangle in one seam 1.5cm below the zip (make sure you do this with the zip at least half open). Stitch across the bottom corners of the leather at a 90-degree angle, 2cm from the point.

6 Do the same with the bottom corners of the lining. Turn the purse through the gap in the lining so that it is leather side out and use slip stitch to close the gap in the lining seam.

Leathercraft published by GMC, www.thegmcgroup.com, RRP £9.99.

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