The Indoor Plant & Flower Expert

The Indoor Plant & Flower Expert

The latest book in the Expert series is a departure for well-known author Dr D G Hessayon as here he introduces us to the craft of roomscaping! In the way that garden landscaping is to outdoor spaces so roomscaping is to indoor areas - the way to use houseplants and cut flowers to decorate a room.

With an introduction to decorating with plants and flowers, the book then continues as a comprehensive guide on indoor flower and plant design. After a chapter on indoor plants a-z, there are sections on special groups of indoor plants, roomscaping, plant care, cut flowers a-z and flower arranging, plus a final plant index.

All extensively photographed and illustrated, it offers easy-to-follow advice and reliable information in Dr Hessayon's much-admired style. From location suggestions and how to group plants successfully, there are tips on equipment and containers and suggestions on over 350 plants and 400 cut flowers for you to buy and grow. Design rules, various styles and room-by-room ideas on the craft of roomscaping have all been brought together in a great do-it-yourself guide.

The Indoor Plant & Flower Expert by Dr D G Hessayon is published by Expert Books, priced at £10.99



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July issue on sale 7th June

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