Sacred Earth Celebrations

Sacred Earth Celebrations

If you are drawn to the earth via a spiritual connection, Sacred Earth Celebrations by Glennie Kindred gives you an in-depth understanding of the rhythms and seasons of the earth. Exploring crafts, celebrations for children and projects involving the land, the book then takes a look at the eight Celtic Festivals in detail; the winter solstice, imbolc, spring equinox, beltain, summer solstice, lammas, autumn equinox and samhain.

With earth, air, fire, water and spirit central to any ceremony, Glennie Kindred details in this updated version of the popular, Sacred Celebrations released in 2000, the roles they have in celebrations. Offering poems, advice on herbs, suggestions for celebrating the festivals and craft activity ideas such as maypoles for the beltain celebration or a hazel walking stick for during the lammas, the book is an fresh take on an a traditional topic.

Using detailed illustrations and clear sections dedicated to the moon, the elements, children, dancing and masks and headdresses before discovering the Celtic festivals, Sacred Earth Celebrations is a spiritual guide to the earth. Perfect for anyone who already participates in the celebrations and those who currently share a connection with the earth or want to learn more about spiritual regeneration.

Sacred Earth Celebrations by Glennie Kindred, published by Permanent Publications, is available to buy from, RRP £9.95.

LandLove readers can purchase Sacred Earth Celebrations for the special price of £7.46 plus p&p. To claim the offer simply visit Offer expires 30th November 2014.

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