Chickens as Pets

Chickens as Pets

As the number of people choosing a chicken as a pet increases, with the estimated number of chicken keepers now reaching half a million, author and avid chicken fan, Andrew Hinkinson has decided to update his popular book, Chicken as Pets. Originally a success as an ebook, paperback and an interactive edition for Apple users, this expanded version covers everything you would need to know if you want to add to your family with domesticated poultry.

Praised by Barbara Mladek of the Northern Ireland Battery Hen Rescue as a book that changed her life, you will find all the information you could need on how to raise chickens. Legal information, proper housing advice, how to correctly introduce new hens, everything you need to know about eggs and even diseases and infections to be on the look out for are available in this must-have guide. Filled with adorable images, Chickens as Pets is a relaxed read, almost as if you were being given advice by a close friend with Andrew sharing his stories and knowledge with you in a friendly manner.

Chickens as Pets is a definitive guide, split into engaging chapters and need to know information that you'll be lost without if you are serious about chickens. A chicken isn't just a fad, it's a responsibility not to be taken lightly and if you're thinking of taking one more, you can't go wrong with Andrew's book.

Chickens as Pets by Andrew Hinkinson, published by Spellbinding Media, is available from Amazon and Waterstones, RRP £14.99.

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