Lifting the Lid

Lifting the Lid

If you're searching for a recipe book that isn't like every other one on the shelves, Lifting the Lid by Claire MacDonald is a heartfelt and intriguing story with a difference, exploring the life of a Scottish woman and her family as they build their business, throwing in Claire's favourite recipes along the way. A self-taught cook, and ever learning, Claire pulls readers into her world, taking them for a trip down memory lane, from her marriage to husband Godfrey and becoming a granny, to opening a shop in partnership with her beloved hotel.

You will find yourself gripped by the way Claire details the lows and the highs of her life, all split into easy-to-read categories. Join in with Claire's story as she meets dear friends, builds her business and rejoices at the involvement of her children in the running of the hotel, but, more than a business woman, Claire is someone who cares about what she writes and the food she produces which comes through on every page. Kinloch Lodge is a true family affair and a delight to read, with a selection of photos included half way to help you put faces to the names you've come to know and love.

Whether you read it for the recipes or read it for the story, you wont be disappointed with this heartfelt look into a humble Scottish family's life .

Lifting the Lid by Claire MacDonald, published by Birlinn Ltd is available from, RRP £9.99.

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