The Floral Baker

The Floral Baker

Whether it's rose-scented madeleines or floral bath buns, the addition of floral flavours to our baking is one that should be handled with care, and The Floral Baker by Frances Bissell is an informative guide to creating these amazing bakes with ease.

As a follow up to her book The Scented Kitchen, Frances infuses popular sponges, pastries and pies with well-known flavours such as jasmine and lavender, as well as incorporating more elaborate and unusual flavours, such as wild garlic. Filling the home with interesting smells, The Floral Baker tells you everything you need to know about taking the plunge with your baking and making something different, while offering advice and tips on how to make your own dry petals and how to approach floral baking.

The home baker’s essential companion for adding a pop of flavour to your bakes, The Floral Baker helps you create quick breads, tea loaves, sponge cakes, biscuits, meringues and tarts, as well as bakes for special occasions, such as weddings. The ideal way to create amazing flavoured treats.

The Floral Baker by Frances Bissell, published by Serif, is available to buy from all good book stores, RRP £10.

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