Crabbies & Stem Ginger Parfait with Raspberry Sorbet


You will need

4 egg whites
600ml double cream
250g sugar
100g of stem ginger
200ml Crabbie’s Original OR Scottish Raspberry Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Small tub of raspberry sorbet
100g of fresh raspberries


1 Reduce the Crabbie’s by 2/3, let cool.

2 Chop up the stem ginger into the smallest dice you can.

3 Whisk up the cream in a large bowl to a soft peak.

4 In a separate bowl whisk the eggs whites until they become a light white colour then slowly add the sugar, fold into the cream add the Crabbie’s and stem ginger place a small amount into the glass add raspberries then keep laying the parfait and raspberries till glass is full set in freezer for about 4 hours.

5 Scoop some raspberry sorbet on top.

6 Serve.

Recipe courtesy of Crabbie's - you must be 18+ to drink - drink responsibly. Find out more here.

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