Fruity Apple Summer Rolls with Raw Blueberry Dipping Sauce

Serves: 8

You will need

8 small rice paper sheets
1 Pink Lady® apple
Handful of raspberries
Handful of toasted peacans
4 tbsp goat's cheese
Mint leaves a few

Supplementary ingredients

260g fresh blueberries
5 cashews
1 tbsp maple syrup or honey
A squeeze of lemon Juice


1 First of all make the blueberry dipping sauce by popping everything into a powerful blender and blitzing until completely smooth. Pour into a couple of ramekins and chill while you make the summer rolls.

2 For the rolls, pour a little cold water onto a wide, shallow plate or baking dish/pie plate, and slide one rice wrapper into the water, gently pressing it and rotating it to fully wet. Pull it out carefully with both hands (like you are hanging washing on a line) and place on a cutting board or large plate.

3 Add a good pinch of the apples down the centre, a few raspberries, pecans, cheese and torn mint leaves, then roll up.

4 Repeat for each rice paper sheet.

5 Serve with the chilled dipping sauce.

Recipe courtesy of Pink Lady®

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