Quick 'Fish Pie' Parcels

Serves: 2

You will need

4-6 large raw prawns, de-veined
100g smoked haddock or cod
150g white fish (such as cod, haddock or hake)
Few sprigs fresh lemon thyme
1tsp butter
Black pepper
2 tbs crème fraiche
1 tsp chopped flat leaf parsley
2 wedges lemon
Potato gratin or mash and green vegetables to serve

Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil


1 Preheat the oven to 200ºC fan/220ºC/Gas 7. Tear 2 large rectangles of Bacofoil® The Non-Stick Kitchen Foil (this will ensure the fish doesn’t stick to your foil).

2 Cut the smoked fish and white fish into chunky pieces about 3cm x 3cm and divide between the pieces of foil. Add the prawns, a couple of thyme sprigs and a dot of butter. Season with black pepper but no salt. Fold up the sides then the ends and seal the edges to make a parcel.

3 Place the parcels onto a baking tray and cook for just 8-10 minutes, opening the parcels very carefully as steam may escape. The prawns should be pink and the fish should be just opaque.

4 Pour the juices through a sieve into a small bowl and discard the thyme sprigs. Mix the crème fraiche into the cooking juices and stir in the parsley.

5 Serve the fish with mashed potatoes or a potato gratin and steamed green vegetables, with the sauce poured over the fish and a wedge of lemon on the side.

Recipe courtesy of Bacofoil

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